Sentence Examples with the word OUTLAWED,

The laws of the Carolingian empire provided that one excom municated by the Church who did not make his peace p within a year and a day should be outlawed, and this general principle was not lost sight of.

On account of an incident that happened at Dundee - his slaughter of a young Englishman named Selby, for an insult offered to him - he is said to have been outlawed, and so driven into rebellion against the English.

Be that as it may, Bruce had now no place of repentance for a sacrilegious homicide; he could not turn his tabard again; he was outlawed, forfeited and excommunicated.

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Buzot was outlawed, and fled to the neighbourhood of Bordeaux, and committed suicide in the woods of St Emilion on the 18th of June 1794.

He was outlawed, but returned under a special amnesty after John's reconciliation with the pope.