Sentence Examples with the word OPEN,

His mouth dropped open, and disbelief crossed his features.

In a cavity in the head, and engages with the locking-pin C. This locking-pin is lifted by a suitable lever which extends to one or both sides of the car; lifting it releases the knuckle, which is then free to swing open, disconnecting the two cars.

The barn door was wide open, the latch torn loose - probably by the wind.

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She frantically threw her purse open, searching for a tissue, but a violent sneeze ripped through her lungs so quickly she barely had time to cover her mouth with her hand.

He pushed the door to a dark room open, using his senses to key in on where the person was.

At length, when the last pint is casked, and all is cool, then the great hatchways are unsealed, the bowels of the ship are thrown open, and down go the casks to their final rest in the sea.

It slid open, and she gazed at the keys that controlled sensitive military systems.

The high road to the woolsack was now open, but his defection from his former path has stamped his character with general infamy.

She'd tried the door many times and determined if it didn't open, it was because he didn't want it to.

The funnel, which is not large, appears to open, as a rule at least, into the segment in front of that which bears the external orifice.