Sentence Examples with the word Numbered

In the four subsequent years, 1894-1897, the outbreaks numbered 2, I, 2, and 7 respectively.

For special treatment towards the regeneration of an infected race, the most robust worms were to be selected, and the moths issuing from the cocoons were to be coupled in numbered cells, where the female was to be confined till she deposited her eggs.

The older authorities asserted that these numbered as many as 150, or even Soo; the more recent researches of Baron P. V.

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French residents numbered 50,996, naturalized Frenchmen Spaniards 12,354, Italians 7368, Maltese 865, and other Europeans (chiefly British and Germans) 1652, besides 12,490 Jews.

He knew I had a wife and there was at least one other female and we numbered five.

According to returns published in 1905 the adherents of the different religious communities in the whole of the Russian empire numbered approximately as follows, though the heading Orthodox Greek includes a very great many Raskolniki or Dissenters.

In 1890 the operatives in the jute and hemp industry numbered 39,885, and in 1901 they were (including workers in canvas, sacking, sailcloth, rope, twine, mats, cocoa fibre) 46,550.

At the census of 1906 they numbered 47,731, as against 45,470 in 1874; and there were 6516 half-castes.

Of these last Russians and Poles numbered 21,013; Germans, 3386; Austrians and Hungarians, 2197; Dutch, 1902; Norwegians Swedes and Danes, 1341; and Rumanians, 1016.

He divides the countries which had been evangelized by the close of the 3rd century into four groups: (I) Those countries in which Christianity numbered nearly one-half of the population and represented the standard religion of the people, viz.