Sentence Examples with the word Numa

In The Reign Of Numa Two Months Were Added To The Year, January At The Beginning And February At The End; And This Arrangement Continued Till The Year 452 B.C., When The Decemvirs Changed The Order Of The Months, And Placed February After January.

This Differed From The Solar Year By Ten Whole Days And A Fraction; But, To Restore The Coincidence, Numa Ordered An Additional Or Intercalary Month To Be Inserted Every Second Year Between The 23Rd And 24Th Of February, Consisting Of Twenty Two And Twenty Three Days Alternately, So That Four Years Contained 1465 Days, And The Mean Length Of The Year Was Consequently 3664 Days.

After a long and peaceful reign, during which the gates of Janus were closed, Numa died and was succeeded by the warlike Tullus Hostilius.

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Carter, The Religion of Numa (1906), on the reorganization of Servius.

Ancus Marcius is merely a duplicate of Numa, as is shown by his second name, Numa Marcius, the confidant and pontifex of Numa, being no other than Numa Pompilius himself, represented as priest.

Its editors were Numa Morikage, Shimada Saburo and Koizuka Ryu, all destined to become celebrated not only in the field of journalism but also in that of politics.

Carter, The Religion of Numa (1906); O.

Plutarch speaks of his intercourse with the deity, and compares him with Lycurgus and Numa (Numa, 4).