Sentence Examples with the word Novae

Principiorum primorum cognitionis metaphysicae novae dilucidatio.

De comparatione veteris et novae Romae.

St Petersburg, 1776-1802); Novae species quadrupedum, 1778 - 1779; Pallas's contributions to the dictionary of languages of the Russian empire, 1786-1789; Icones insectorum, praesertim Rossiae Siberiaeque peculiarium, 1781-1806; Zoographia rossoasiatica (3 vols., 1831); besides many special papers in the Transactions of the academies of St Petersburg and Berlin.

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Sistova is identified with the Roman colony Novae mentioned by Ptolemy.

One species only known, P. novae britanniae (Willey).

Purbach's Theoricae Novae Planetarum (1542), and probably got it from Maurolycus.

According to Hernandez in his Historia avium Novae Hispaniae (p. 52), published at Rome in 1651, this is the Mexican name of a bird which he described well enough to leave no doubt as to what he meant; but the word being soon after printed Momot by Nieremberg and others gave rise to the Latinized Momotus, invented by M.

The gallinaceous birds are represented by a quail, Coturnix novae zealandiae, now exterminated.

The chief towns of Upper Moesia were: Singidunum (Belgrade), Viminacium (sometimes called municipium Aelium; Kostolatz), Bononia (Widdin), Ratiaria (Artcher): of Lower Moesia; Oescus (colonia Ulpia, Gigen), Novae (near Sistova, the chief seat of Theodoric), Nicopolis ad Istrum (Nikup), really on the Iatrus or Yantra, Odessus (Varna), Tomi (Kustendje), to which the poet Ovid was banished.

M, Medullary layer of the C, Cladonia novae Angliae, B, Portion of a very thin Delise; sterigmata section from the base with spermatia from of the spermogonium.