Sentence Examples with the word Nota

Dean considered relating to Jonathan his suspicions that Nota had contacted Mrs. Glass but he was hesitant to even mention the Byrne matter to the FBI, nor did he wish to volunteer information on Fred's clandestine trip to Scranton.

Everybody would like to see Alfred Nota locked up but nobody has been able to make anything stick.

Definitely a different tailor than Nota and the late Homer Flanders.

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It had been stolen, so the police had no way of putting out a call for Nota and his friend unless someone in the neighborhood had sharp eyes.

I checked out Nota and Flanders.

If the boys sent Alfred Nota looking for him, they want this guy very badly.

Suppose Alfred Nota and his pal Homer's break-in at Collingswood Avenue was just a cover-up and their true mission was to plant a listening device.

That was Nota and Flanders.

Besides, Nota was the only member of the crime family who knew Dean's face and by all accounts he'd left Parkside some time ago.