Sentence Examples with the word Nonjuring

JEREMY COLLIER (1650-1726), English nonjuring divine, was born at Stow-with-Quy, Cambridgeshire, on the 23rd of September 1650.

In 1712 George Hickes was the only survivor of the nonjuring bishops, and in the next year Collier was consecrated.

When Louis tried to leave the Tuileries for St Cloud at Easter 1791, in order to enjoy the ministrations of a nonjuring priest, the National Guards of Paris would not let him budge.

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The nonjuring priests were again persecuted.

The controversy that ensued made a split in the nonjuring communion.

On the 29th of November the Assembly decreed that every nonjuring clergyman must take within eight days the civic oath, substantially the same as the oath previously administered, on pain of losing his pension and, if any troubles broke out, of being deported.

For particulars of Collier's history as a nonjuring bishop, see Thomas Lathbury, A History of the Nonjurors .

As regards French affairs, Talleyrand used his influence to help on the repeal of the vexatious laws against emigres, nonjuring priests, and the royalists of the west.

The people were ardent Catholics, who venerated the nonjuring clergy and resented the measures taken against them.

Meantime the Assembly passed three decrees: one for the deportation of nonjuring priests, another to suppress the king's Constitutional Guard, and a third for the establishment of a camp of federes near Paris.