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The more conspicuous buildings are the ancient Gothic cathedral (restored in 1866, and again in 1870 after the interior was destroyed by fire), with its lofty tower, the cavalry barracks, the ex-convent of the Capuchins at a little distance from the city, and the seminary in which are preserved the famous Oscan inscription known as the Cippus Abellanus (from Abella, the modern Avella, q.v.) and some Latin inscriptions relating to a treaty with Nola regarding a joint temple of Hercules.

Paulinus, bishop of Nola (d.

The last-named were certainly in Nola about 500 B.C. At the time when it sent assistance to Neapolis against the Roman invasion (328 B.e.) it was probably occupied by Oscans in alliance with the Samnites.

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The Romans made themselves masters of Nola in 313 B.e., and it was thenceforth faithful to Rome.

GIORDANO BRUNO (c. 1548-1600), Italian philosopher of the Renaissance, was born near Nola in the village of Cicala.

De Laudibus Theodori Martyris, c. 2) it is easy to see how the stories of recent martyrs would offer themselves as tempting subjects for the painter, and at the same time be considered to have received from him their best and most permanent expression; that this feeling was widespread is shown in many places by Paulinus of Nola (ob.

Leone, De Nola (Venice, 1514).

The first-mentioned of the two principal streets was crossed, a little before it reached the forum, by the street which led directly to the gate of Nola (Strada delle Terme, della Fortuna, and di Nola).

Paulin von Nola Breslau, 1904) and other literature cited in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyk.

SAINT PAULINUS, OF Nola (353-431) Pontius Meropius Anicius Paulinus, who was successively a consul, a monk and a 4 See Fr.