Sentence Examples with the word Nitrosyl

By passing the gas into an ethereal solution of the salt, nitrosyl chloride is produced, and on evaporating over sulphuric acid, black needles of FeC1 2NO.

With hydrochloric acid and the alkaline chlorides, and also with nitrosyl chloride.

Bismuth trichloride forms double compounds with hydrochloric acid, the chlorides of the alkaline metals, ammonia, nitric oxide and nitrosyl chloride.

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They also combine with nitrosyl bromide and chloride, and with many metallic haloid salts (platinum bichloride, iridium chloride), with mercury salts (see K.

On treatment with silver fluoride it yields nitrosyl fluoride, NOF (0.

Nitrosobenzene, C 6 H 5 NO, was first obtained by the action of nitrosyl bromide or chloride on mercury diphenyl (A.

The formation of addition compounds with the halogens, halogen hydrides, and with nitrosyl chloride, is characteristic of many, whilst others unite readily with nitrogen peroxide.