Sentence Examples with the word Nitrated

The so-called collodion cottons are nitrated celluloses, but of a lower degree of nitration (as a rule) than guncotton.

One of the most important of his investigations had to do with the manufacture of guncotton, and he developed a process, consisting essentially of reducing the nitrated cotton to fine pulp, which enabled it to be prepared with practically no danger and at the same time yielded the product in a form that increased its usefulness.

To prevent the freezing of nitroglycerin in dynamite it has been proposed to add various substances, such as chlordinitroglycerin, nitrated diglycerin or tetranitrodiglycerol, and also mono-and di-nitroglycerin.

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Heavily nitrated hay is reputed to produce excessive urination and irritation of the bladder.

It yields a nitroso derivative, is nitrated by nitric acid to dilituric acid and brominated by bromine.

In practice this usually occurs; for example, on further bromination, a-bromonaphthalene yields a mixture of the (i.4) and (1.5) dibromonaphthalenes; and when nitronaphthalene is either brominated, or nitrated or sulphonated, the action is practically confined to the second ring.

Soc., 1900, 77, pp. 99 et seq.) nitrated para-oxyazobenzene with dilute nitric acid and found that it gave a benzene-azo-ortho-nitrophenol, whereas quinone are not attacked by dilute nitric acid.

The nitrated product retains the outward form of the original cellulose.

At the time these products were thought to be related to the nitrated starch obtained a little previously by Henri Braconnot and called xyloidin; they are only related in so far as they are nitrates.

It is readily nitrated to nitrobenzene, two, and even three nitro groups being introduced if some dehydrator such as concentrated sulphuric acid be present.