Sentence Examples with the word Nikolaus

Clemens, Giordano Bruno and Nikolaus Cusanus (Bonn, 1847); R.

On leaving Luneburg he spent some time in Hamburg, where he became a teacher in a private school, and made the acquaintance of Nikolaus Lange (1659-1720).

On his public life and constitutional reforms see Theodor Schiemann, Geschichte Russlands unter Kaiser Nikolaus I., Bd.

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Russland's unter Kaiser Nikolaus I., vol.

To England in the spring, the New Testament was set up. Around him was a circle of students, some young, some already distinguished - the three sons of Froben's partner, Johannes Amerbach, who was now dead, Beatus Rhenanus, Wilhelm Nesen, Ludwig Ber, Heinrich Glareanus, Nikolaus Gerbell, Johannes Oecolampadius - who looked to him as their head and were proud to do him service.

Day, The Russian Government in Poland (London, 1867); Theodor Schiemann, Russland enter Kaiser Nikolaus I., vol.

Russlands unter Kaiser Nikolaus I.

Stumpf, Die politischen Ideen des Nikolaus von Cues (Cologne, 1865); M.