Sentence Examples with the word Nikolai

Its chief embankment, the Nikolai boulevard, bordered with tall and handsome houses, forms a fine promenade.

Among novelists who were not also poets was Andreas Nikolai de Saint-Aubain (1798-1865), who, under the pseudonym of Carl Bernhard, wrote a series of charming romances.

At this time the tone of the Russian court was extremely liberal, humanitarian enthusiasts like Peter Volkonsky and Nikolai Novosiltsov possessing great influence.

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He held out his hand for the dog to sniff, but Nikolai nuzzled his nose into it instead.

Sqq.); Nikolai Ivanovich Kostomarov (1817-1885), professor of history at Kiev and St Petersburg, whose monographs and researches are collected in his Sobranye sochinenye (collected works, 21 vols., St Petersburg, 1903-6); V.