Sentence Examples with the word Nikko

The highest of these are Shirane-san (7422 ft.), Nantai-san (8169 ft.), Nyoh- The Nikko zan (8100 ft.), and Omanago (7546 ft.).

The only remaining active vent of the once highly volcanic Nikko district.

Thus, for instance, near Nikko in the upper valley of the Daiya-gawa, and in several other places in the neighboring mountains, a granite-porphyry appears with large, pale, flesh-colored crystals of orthoclase, dull triclinic feispar, quartz and hornblende.

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Even more picturesque, though less lofty, than the Alps of Japan, are the Nikko mountains, enclosing the mausolea of the two greatest of the Tokugawa shoguns.

This meant an extension of the TOkaidO (under a different name) nearly a hundred miles northward, for the magnificent shrines erected then at NikkO and the periodical ceremonies thenceforth performed there demanded a correspondingly fine avenue of approach.

By 13, and represented the annual festival at the Nikko mausolea.

The original TOkaidO was taken for model, and Yedo and Nikko were joined by a highway flanked by rows of cryptomeria.