Sentence Examples with the word Niello

It is a pax with a very rich and delicate niello picture of the coronation of the Virgin; the composition is very full, and the work almost microscopic in minuteness; it was made in 1452.

Mark's, Venice, 10th century, owes much of its refined beauty to niello patterns in the borders.

The British Museum possesses a fine fibula of silver decorated with a simple pattern in niello and thin plates of repousse gold.

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The earliest specimens of niello belong to the Roman period.

Most of these works in bronze were enriched with fine lines inlaid in silver, and in some cases with a kind of niello or enamel.

In some cases it is very difficult to distinguish niello from black enamel.; but the black substance differs from true enamel in being metallic, not vitreous.

The dark tint of the bronze rather prevents the niello from showing out distinctly.

Among the early Teutonic and Celtic races, especially from the 8th to the 11th centuries, both in Britain and other countries, niello was ' Div.

The metal-workers of Ireland, whose skill was quite unrivalled, practised largely the art of niello from the Toth to the 12th century, and posGold and Niello Ring 'sibly even earlier.

Vasari's account of this invention, given in his lives of Pollaiuolo and Maso Finiguerra, is very interesting, but he is wrong in asserting that Maso was the first worker in niello who took proofs or impressions of his plates.