Sentence Examples with the word Nicole

P. 290 sqq.); E mile Bridrey, Nicole Oresme.

The Port Royalists, Pierre Nicole (1625-1695) and Antoine Arnauld (1612-1694), had applied it to grammar and logic; Jean Domat or Daumat (1625-1696) and Henri Francois Daugesseau (1668-1751) to jurisprudence; Fontenelle, Charles Perrault (1628-1703) and Jean Terrasson (1670-1750) to literary criticism, and a worthier estimate of modern literature.

Under the republic commercial shipping used to enter Venice by the Tort of San Nicole del Lido and lie along the quay called the Riva degli Schiavoni, in the basin of San Marco, and up the broad Giudecca Canal.

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The brilliant side comes out most clearly in Joinville, the Chronique de Du Guesclin, and the Histoire de Bayart; the darker side appears in the earlier chronicles of the crusades, and is especially emphasized by preachers and moralists like Jacques de Vitry, Etienne de Bourbon, Nicole Bozon and John Gower.

Jurieu defended the doctrines of Protestantism with great ability against the attacks of Antoine Arnauld, Pierre Nicole and Bossuet, but was equally ready to enter into dispute with his fellow Protestant divines (with Louis Du Moulin and Claude Payon, for instance) when their opinions differed from his own even on minor matters.

Club, 1862); in the 14th century we find Nicole Bozon's Contes moralises (see above); Traite de naturesse (Rom.

Among other early writers on the cycloid were Phillippe de Lahire (1640-1718) and Francois Nicole (1683-1758).

See Francis Meunier, Essai sur la vie et les ouvrages de Nicole Oresme (Paris, 1857); Feret, La Faculte de theologie de 1' Universite de Paris (Paris, 1896, t.

She became the great protectress of the Jansenists; it was in her house that Arnauld, Nicole and De Lane were protected; and to her influence must be in great part attributed the release of Lemaistre De Sacy from the Bastille, the introduction of Pomponne into the ministry and of Arnauld to the king.

In 1437 Nicole de Blois, a descendant of this family, married Jean de Brosse, and was deprived of Penthievre by the duke of Brittany, Francis II., in 1465.