Sentence Examples with the word Neville

From this time forward Neville took a prominent part in the troubled politics of the period.

In 1383 Bishop Fordham gave the burgesses licence to receive tolls within the borough for the maintenance of the walls, while Bishop Neville granted a commission for the construction of a pier or mole.

In 1463 he was employed on a diplomatic mission in France; and in 1464, after taking part in negotiation with the Scots, Neville became archbishop of York.

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There is a monument for Edmund Neville who claimed the earldom of Westmorland in the 17th century, and William Stukeley, the antiquary, was buried in the churchyard.

But it is not so fantastic to ascribe its birth to the personal hatred that existed between Richard of York and Edmund of Somerset, to the old family grudge (going back to 1405) between the Percies and the Nevilles, to the marriage alliance that bound the houses of York and Neville together, and to other less wellremembered quarrels or blood-ties among the lesser baronage.

Clarence had made his peace with Edward, but was at enmity with his other brother Richard of Gloucester, who now married Warwick's second daughter and claimed a share in the Neville inheritance.

The eldest, Viscount Cobham (1842-), became a land commissioner and a railway com missioner; General Sir Neville Lyttelton, G.C.B.

He had, moreover, at his disposal plunder almost as valuable as that which he had divided up in 146,the estates of the great Neville clan and their adherents.

General John Neville (1731-1803), having accepted the office of chief excise inspector for Western Pennsylvania, his fine country residence, about 7 m.

His father, William Rolle, was perhaps a dependant of the Neville family.