Sentence Examples with the word Neri

Gregory founded the Congregation of the Propaganda, encouraged missions, fixed the order to be observed in conclaves, and canonized Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, Philip Neri and Theresa de Jesus.

CORSINI, the name of a Florentine princely family, of which the founder is said to be Neri Corsini, who flourished about the year 1170.

PHILIP NERI (FILIPPO DE) (1515-1595), Italian churchman, was born at Florence on the 21st of July 1515.

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Faber, Spirit and Genius of St Philip Neri (London, 1850); F.

At Rome he joined the Oratory in 1557 under St Philip Neri and succeeded him as superior in 1593.

Among them were Fra Raimondo, who became master-general of the Dominicans, William Flete, an ascetically-minded Englishman from Cambridge, Stefano Maconi, who joined the Carthusians and ultimately became prior-general, and the two secretaries, Neri di Landoccio and Francesco Malavolti.

Having been discovered (May 1300), serious riots broke out between the Neri and the Bianchi.

Buet Mont Ruan Mont Neri Bella Tola.

Other churches of some note are San Filippo Neri (1672-1772), the dome of which fell in just as it was approaching completion under the hands of Guarini and was restored by Juvara, and La Gran Madre de Dio, erected to commemorate the return of the royal family in 1814.

During the middle ages Pistoia was at times a dangerous enemy to Florence, and the scene of constant conflicts between the Guelphs and Ghibellines; it was there that the great party struggle took place which resulted in the creation of the Bianchi and Neri factions (see Dante, Inferno, xxiv.