Sentence Examples with the word Nera

The chief rivers on the west are the Nera (Nar), with its tributaries the Velino (Velinus) and Salto, and the Anio, both of which fall into the Tiber.

They offered a singular attraction to the Romans, and their presence in remote parts of the Mi nera country no doubt was often the principal cause of Roman S pr i ngs.

Above sealevel, in the valley of the Nera (anc. Nar), from which the town took its distinguishing epithet, 5 m.

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Above the Nera valley, at the point where the river traverses a narrow ravine, and commands a fine view.

The central Apennines are crossed by the railway from Rome to Castelammare Adriatico via Avezzano and Sulmona: the railway from Orte to Terni (and thence to Foligno) follows the Nera valley; while from Terni a line ascends to the plain of Rieti, and thence crosses the central chain to Aquila, whence it follows the valley of the Aterno to Sulmona.

ORTIGUEIRA, a seaport of north-western Spain, in the province of Corunna; on the northern slope of the Sierra de la Faladoira, on the river Nera and on the eastern shore of the Rfa de Santa Marta - a winding, rock-bound and much indented inlet of the Bay of 'Biscay, between Capes Ortegal and Vares, the northernmost headlands of the Peninsula.