Sentence Examples with the word Needing

Deidre fled to it, needing something to bolster the defenses that were dropping too fast.

The miracles of the New Testament, which had formerly been received as bulwarks of Christianity, now appeared as difficulties needing explanation.

It was the first city outside of Italy which obtained such a municipal charter, without the usual implantation of Roman citizens (either poor men needing land or discharged veteran soldiers) from Italy.

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I was the logical candidate as both women had children needing attention.

With her large, warm brown eyes, plumped lips, and fingers stopped just north of his belt, Darian began to believe her about not needing her magic.

There are no indications of any form of doctrinal heresy as needing rebuke; the warnings against false teaching are quite general.

Of Naples, needing a pope in order that he might regain Sicily, brought about a conclave.

Others hold the problem to be insoluble, and not needing to be solved.

Deidre waited, needing to know what it would take for him to love her.

He closed his personal net, needing to concentrate.