Sentence Examples with the word Navigating

Thus the commander can see what is happening on the surface when navigating the submarine some 20 ft.

To further the prosperity of the town a most liberal charter was granted to it, and in addition the trade of the port was artificially fostered by a decree requiring that every vessel navigating within sight of its lights should put in there.

In addition to its excellent fleet there are numerous small river steamers, belonging to companies and firms engaged in the rubber trade, navigating the Negro, Madeira, Purus and many other streams. The principal exports of the valley are india-rubber, cacao, Brazil nuts and a few other products of very minor importance.

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It was pointed out by Great Britain that this ukase had been the subject of protest both by Great Britain and the United States, and that by treaties similar in their terms, made between Russia and each of the protesting powers, Russia had agreed that their subjects should not be troubled or molested in navigating or fishing in any part of the Pacific Ocean.

The lateness of the season forced him to round Cape Horn in very stormy weather, and the navigating instruments of the time did not allow of exact observation.

He darted and dashed, stopped and sprinted at its commands, focused on navigating the dangerous territory.

The fleet of steamers and barges navigating the Elbe is in point of fact greater than on any other German river.

It permits ships navigating the Baltic to penetrate 270 m.

Alongside the quay are the landing-places of the steamboats navigating the Rhine.

Dean bumped along, skirting puddles but having no difficulty navigating the seldom-used route.