Sentence Examples with the word Naturgeschichte

In 1845 Reichenbach commenced with his Praktische Naturgeschichte der Vogel the extraordinary series of illustrated publications which, under titles far too numerous here to repeat, ended in or about 1855, and are commonly known collectively as his Vollsteindigste Naturgeschichte der Vogel.

In his Naturgeschichte des Himmels, in which he anticipated the nebular theory afterwards more fully developed by Laplace, Kant sought to explain the genesis of the cosmos as a product of physical forces and laws.

More germane to our present subject are the Osteographische Beitrage zur Naturgeschichte der Vogel of C. L.

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But these works, locally useful as they may have been, did not occupy the whole attention of German ornithologists, for in 1791 Bechstein reached the second volume of his Gemeinnititzige Naturgeschichte Deutschlands, treating of the birds of that country, which ended with the fourth in 1795.

His collected works, including Ober den Einfluss der Chemie and Mineralogie (1824), Die Naturgeschichte des Mineralreichs (1842), Ober die Theorien der Erde (1844), were published at Munich in 1856.

In 1870 Anton Fritsch completed his Naturgeschichte der Vogel Europas (8vo, with atlas in folio); and in 1871 Messrs Sharpe and Dresser began the publication of their Birds of Europe, which was completed by the latter in 1879 (8 vols.

That Nitzsch took this extended view is abundantly proved by the valuable series of ornithotomical observations which he must have been for some time accumulating, and almost immediately afterwards began to contribute to the younger Naumann's excellent Naturgeschichte der Vogel Deutschlands, already noticed above.

His first treatise was Die Naturgeschichte des Menschen (in 2 vols., Kempten, 1831).

Pruner, Agyptens Naturgeschichte and Anthropologie (Erlangen, 1848); R.

Pp. 107-115), and from the report upon them by Isidore Geoffroy 1 He says from Oken's Naturgeschichte far Schulen, published in 1821, but the division is to be found in that author's earlier Lehrbuch der Zoologie (ii.