Sentence Examples with the word Natur

Of later works based on Schelling's doctrine of evolution mention may be made of the volume entitled Natur and Idee, by G.

Kdstlin (author of Aesthetics, 1869), who published it in 1881 under the title Testament einesDeutschen, Philosophic der Natur and der Menschheit.

The ill success of Die Weltalter nerved him to new efforts, and he repeated his views in Katechismus des Rechts (1852), Grundlinen einer Wissenschaft der Natur (1864), Seele and Geist (1871), and numerous other books, which, however, met with no better fate.

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He was followed by Christian Konrad Sprengel, whose work Das entdeckte Geheimniss der Natur im Bau and in der Befruchtung der Blumen (Berlin, 1793), contains a description of floral adaptations to.

Braun, 1907); fiber das Verhiiltniss der bildenden Kiinste zu der Natur (Munich, 1807); Uber die Gottheiten von Samothrake (Stuttgart, 1815).

GOLDFISH (Cyprinus or Carassius auratus), a small fish belonging to the Cyprinid family, a native of China but natur Telescope-fish.

He continued his philosophical work in defence of materialism, and published Natur and Geist (1857), Aus Natur and Wissenschaft (vol.

Die Natur (1862; 3rd ed., 1875), Gott and der Mensch (2 vols., 1866-1873; 2nd ed., 1874).