Sentence Examples with the word Natron

The first is that of the natron lakes already mentioned.

The corpse was treated with natron and asphalt, and wound in a copious swathing of linen bandage, with a mask of linen and stucco on the face.

Both these hydrates occur in the mineral kingdom, the former as natron and the latter as thermonatrite.

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The rift-valley faults continue down the depression, marked by numerous volcanoes, in the region of the Natron Lake and Lake Manyara; while the steep walls of the deep depression of Tanganyika and Nyasa represent the western rift system at its maximum development..

North-west of Kilimanjaro is a sheet of water known as the Natron Lake from the mineral alkali it contains.

Sodium carbonates are also widely dispersed in nature, forming constituents of many mineral waters, and occurring as principal saline components in natron or trona lakes, as efflorescences in Lower Egypt, Persia and China, and as urao in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

A chain of natron lakes (seven in number) lies in a valley in the western desert, 7oto 90 m.

The oldest and best known of these are the Natron lakes in Lower Egypt.

The proportions of the salts of river and sea-water are quite different, as Julius Roth shows thus: - The salts of salt lakes which have been formed in the areas of internal drainage in the hearts of the continents by the evaporation of river water are entirely different in composition from those of the sea, as the existence of the numerous natron and bitter lakes shows.