Sentence Examples with the word Nat

For those beestis in the house have short heare and thynne, and towards March they will pylle and be bare; and therefore they may nat abyde in the fylde before the heerdmen in winter tyme for colde.

The slave insurrection under Nat Turner in 1831 led to a second abortive effort, this time by the legislature, to do away with the fateful institution.

After hiding for several weeks Nat was captured on the 30th of October and was tried and hanged, having made, meanwhile, a full confession.

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Rob shifted his attention to the twins Nat and Matt.

Elected by the tiers Nat of Vermandois to represent it in the states-general of Blois, he contended with skill and boldness in extremely difficult circumstances for freedom of conscience, justice and peace.

And also another seuerall close for his portion of his common pasture, and also his porcion of his medowe in a seuerall close by itselfe, and al kept in seureall both in wynter and somer; and euery cottage shall haue his portion assigned hym accordynge to his rent, and than shall nat the ryche man ouerpresse the poore man with his cattell; and euery man may eate his oun close at his pleasure.

For dout ye nat but heerdemen with their catell, shepeherdes with theirshepe, and tieng of horses and mares, destroyeth moch come, the which the hedges wold save.

There was young Nat Swaine, once the bravest boat-header out of all Nantucket and the Vineyard; he joined the meeting, and never came to good.

He was often accompanied by 'Ayaq Tim (good fortune), and in this aspect may be compared with the Roman Bonus Eventus (Pliny, Nat Hist.

Fred was being consoled by Mrs. Abernathy or some other of his lady friends so Dean spent the evening alone with the sound of a little early Nat King Cole trio, vintage forties.