Sentence Examples with the word Nares

But the dentition of the palate is very different; the small teeth, which are in a single row, as in the jaws, form a long transverse, continuous or interrupted series behind the inner nares or choanae.

Among the principal were the London Review (1775-1780), A New Review (1782-1786), the English Review (1783-1796), incorporated in 1797 with the Analytical Review (1788-1799), the AntiJacobin Review and Magazine (1798-1821), and the British Critic (1793-1843), the organ of the High Church party, and first edited by Archdeacon Nares and Beloe.

Immediately to the south of Nares Deep lies the smaller Makarov Deep; and off the coast of South America are Tizard Deep and Havergal Deep.

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They are typically nidifugous; the simple structure of their neossoptiles; quintocubital; compound rhamphotheca; holorhinal nares imperviae; basipterygoid processes; simple articular facet of the quadrate; configuration of the palatal bones, including the large vomer; incisura ischiadica; simple hypotarsus; the thigh muscles; the copulatory organ.

CAIRNS, a seaport of Nares county, Queensland, Australia, 890 m.

The western trough extends northwards into Davis Strait, forming a depression in the Telegraph plateau; to the south of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are Sigsbee Deep, Libbey Deep and Suhm Deep, each of small area; north-east of the Bahamas Nares Deep forms the largest and deepest depression in the Atlantic, in which a sounding of 4561 fathoms was obtained (70 m.

The nasal septum is often more or less incomplete, producing nares perviae, e.g.

AccIPITREs.-With nares imperviae.

The outer nares or nostrils are most variable in size and shape.

The posterior nares or choanae open far behind in the roof of the mouth, in recent forms within the pterygoids.