Sentence Examples with the word Nana

For this refusal the Nana bore the British a lifelong grudge, which he washed out in the blood of women and children in the massacres at Cawnpore.

These fossil Arctic plants have now been found as far south as Bovey Tracey in Devonshire, where Pengelly and Heer discovered the bear-berry and dwarf birch; London, where also Betula nana occurs; and at Deuben in Saxony, which lies nearly as far south as lat.

All might have fallen out as he anticipated, had it not been that the Nana Sahib, the adopted heir of the late peshwa, was rajah of Bithur in the neighbourhood.

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He became the most discussed, the most read, the most bought novelist in France - the sale of L'Assommoir being even exceeded by that of Nana (1880) and La Dtbdcle (1892).

On the high plateau the larch predominates over all other species of conifers or deciduous trees; the wide, open valleys are thickly planted with Betula nana and B.

When this hope had died away, they surrendered to the Nana on his solemn promise that all their lives should be spared and that they should have a safe conduct to Allahabad.

In 1859, when the remnants of the rebels disappeared into Nepal, the Nana was among the fugitives.

His adopted son was the infamous Nana Sahib.

No single act of the Mutiny elicited such a storm of fierce anger among the British, both those who were fighting in India and those who supported them at home; for none was a more terrible vengeance taken, though the Nana himself escaped from his pursuers.

His adopted son grew up to be the Nana Sahib, of infamous memory, who took a leading part in the Mutiny.