Sentence Examples with the word Nailing

Her first thought was that he was sending her to Death as a means of torturing her or at least, nailing home the point that he had won this round with Gabriel.

Our nailing Otto Rudman on your tip impressed the hell out of him.

Now we have a real chance at nailing him with the information I gave After.

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All she talked about earlier was nailing him.

But as the last whelmings intermixingly poured themselves over the sunken head of the Indian at the mainmast, leaving a few inches of the erect spar yet visible, together with long streaming yards of the flag, which calmly undulated, with ironical coincidings, over the destroying billows they almost touched;--at that instant, a red arm and a hammer hovered backwardly uplifted in the open air, in the act of nailing the flag faster and yet faster to the subsiding spar.

Proceed with pruning and nailing wall-trees.

Prune fruit trees in mild weather or in moderate frosts, nailing only in fine weather.

Every time we're a whisker away from nailing Byrne, something crops up to slam the door in our face.