Sentence Examples with the word NS

The basal portion of the consecutive axes may become much thickened and arranged more or less in a straight line, ns and thus collectively form an apparent or false axis or sympodium, and the inflorescence thus simulates a raceme.

The small pivoted iron needle ns placed in their common field therefore takes up a certain position, dependent on the relative value of these fields.

Herodotus, though he once at least controverts his statements, is indebted to Hecataeus not only for facts, but also in regard of method and general scheme, but the extent of the debt depends on the genuineness of the Ns xrEp1050s.

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AB is the rod and C the middle point of its axis; NS is the magnetometer needle; AM bisects the undeflected needle NS at right angles.

The flex nitive animal gods are not to be confused with the animal not ns ascribed to many cosmic deities; thus when the sun-god Osii was pictured as a scarabaeus, or dung-beetle, rolling its ball Isis lung behind it, this was certainly mere poetical imagery.