Sentence Examples with the word NOTITIA

In 1675 appeared his Notitia Galliarum ordine litterarum digesta, a work of the highest merit, which laid the foundations of the scientific study of historical geography in France; but, like all the scholars of his age, he had no solid knowledge of philology.

One still earlier, but less complete, appears in the Notitia Urbis Romae, under the title Index Coemeteriorum.

A record of patristic collections and editions down to 1839 may be found in Dowling's Notitia Scriptorum SS.

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Scudamore, Notitia eucharistica (2nd ed., London, 1876); and art.

He published an edition of Salzthal's Tractatus de lapide trismegisto; his Metallurgia followed in 1660; and the next year appeared his Character pro notitia linguarum universali, in which he gives ro,000 words for use as a universal language.

Lastly, we possess a judicial text in 48 paragraphs, which bears the title of Notitia vel commemoratio de illa ewa (law), quae se ad Amorem habet.

Including these towns there were altogether twenty which are known to have received at one time or another the title and status of Roman colonies; and in the 5th century the Notitia enumerates no less than 123 sees whose bishops assembled at Carthage in 479.

If we set aside the heretical books condemned by the early councils, the earliest known instance of a list of proscribed books being issued with the authority of a bishop of Rome is the Notitia librorum apocryphorum qui non recipiuntur, the first redaction of which, by Pope Gelasius (494), was subsequently amplified on several occasions.

His most important work is Notitia utriusque Vasconiae, turn Ibericae, tum Aquitanicae, qua praeter situm regionis et alia scitu digna, Navarrae regum coeterarumquo: in its insignum vetustate et dignitate familiarum.

In the Tabula Peutingeriana it appears as Prisca, in the Antonine Itinerary as Serantaprista, in the Notitia as Seragintaprista and in Ptolemy as Priste Polis.