Sentence Examples with the word NO CONSIDERATION

Lord Clarendon, the head of the British foreign office, told the French ambassador, who read him this despatch, that no consideration on earth would induce the British parliament to pass a measure for the extradition of political refugees, but he added that it was a question whether the law was as complete and as stringent as it should be, and he stated that the government had already referred the whole subject to the law officers of the crown for their consideration.

As our knowledge of the age and locality of weights increases these criteria in curves will prove of greater value; but even now no consideration of the connexion of different units should be made without a graphic representation to compare their relative extent and nature of variation.

The introduction The of the Minie rifle, with its greased cartridges, was accompanied by no consideration of the religious prejudices of the Bengal sepoys, to whom, whether Hindus or Mahommedans, the fat of cows and pigs was anathema.

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This incensed Kruger so much that for many years he continued to quote it as a reason why no consideration could be granted to the Uitlanders.