Sentence Examples with the word NEPOS

I.) says that he was famous for his mild and magnanimous character, Nepos (de Reg.

The only event of the reign of Nepos was the inglorious cession to the Visigoths of the province of Auvergne.

Cornelius Nepos was discovered by Traversari in Padua (1434).

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The date of his death is given by Nepos as 468; at any rate he lived to witness the ostracism of Themistocles, towards whom he always displayed a generous conduct, but had died before the rise of Pericles.

Cornelius Nepos (A tt.16) knew of their existence but distinguishes them from the published letters.

Cornelius Nepos is quoted for the statement that he was about the same age as Scipio Africanus the younger (born in 185 or 184 B.C.) and Laelius; while Fenestella, an antiquary of the later Augustan period, represented him as older than either.

In 475 Orestes, father of Augustulus, afterwards the last emperor of the West, raised the standard of revolt and marched against Nepos at Ravenna.

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