Sentence Examples with the word NATURAL CONSEQUENCE

Effective occupation did not take place, however, and communications with the islands ceased altogether in 1635, as was a natural consequence of the Japanese government's veto against the construction of sea-goingjvessels.

The good deeds of a just man were a natural consequence of his justice; whereas a bad man was no whit the better, because he now and then deviated into doing right.

As a natural consequence of this activity, the trade in beeappliance making has assumed enormous proportions in the United States, where extensive factories have been established; one firm - employing over 500 hands, - and using electric-power machinery of the most modern type - being devoted entirely to the manufacture of bee-goods and apiarian requisites.

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This separation of the city from the province, and its federalization had been one of the chief aims of the Cordoba League, and was the natural consequence of the crushing defeat inflicted on the portenos.

The submission of the whole grand duchy would be the natural consequence of such a success, and, Finland once secured, Sprengtporten proposed at the head of his Finns to embark for Sweden, meet the king and his friends near Stockholm, and surprise the capital by a night attack.

This blind dualism found its natural consequence in the revolt of the Renaissance thinkers, Bruno and Paracelsus, who asserted the unity of mind and matter in all existence and were the precursors of the more intelligent monism of Leibnitz and the scientific metaphysics of his successors.

It was almost a natural consequence that Fichte never succeeded in amalgamating with his own system the aesthetic view of nature to which the Kritik of Judgment had pointed as an essential component in any complete philosophy.

Huxley's agnosticism was a natural consequence of the intellectual and philosophical conditions of the 'sixties, when clerical intolerance was trying to excommunicate scientific discovery because it appeared to clash with the book of Genesis.

In the eyes of posterity he became more and more completely the model of an Israelitish king and the natural consequence was that he was idealized.

The natural consequence was that these men to the number of 30,000 flocked to the camp of Alaric, clamouring to be led against their cowardly enemies.