Sentence Examples with the word N D

I n d i cate a common source rather than direct borrowing.

Basing his conclusions upon philological data, such as the names of wheat in the oldest known languages, the writings of the most ancient historians, and the observations of botanical travellers, De Candolle infers that the hdistromeib u a n d original home of the wheat plant was in Mesopotamia, don.

Again, imagin d fixed, then the instantaneous centre Obd of b with regard n d is found by producing the links c and a to intersect in Obd and the shapes of the centroids belonging respectively to thi links Ii and d can be found as before.

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The large loans raised in Europe, the first instalment of which Byron had himself brought over, while providing the Greeks with the sinews of war, provided seco n d civil w them also with fresh material for strife.

Median intervocalic f gives v (Estve, S t ep h an u s); it has disappeared from p r 0 f u n d u s, which yielded the form preon, then pregon (g being introduced to obviate the,hiatus).