Sentence Examples with the word N A

Let k such transpositions be necessary; then the expression X(kal aa2 N a 3.

Io) it forms the section or box C, measuring 1 n I n a 44 X 44 Xz when complete, and holds about i lb of comb-honey when filled by the bees and ready for table use.

After his death, the Assyrians, who were still nominally the vassals of Babylonia, threw off neser L - g n a ll disguise, and Shalmaneser I.

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The cylinder contains towards n a sliding rod, and towards 0 a compressed spiral spring.

I n a straight uniform current of fluid of density p, flowing with velocity q, the flow in units of mass per second across a plane area A, placed in the current with the normal of the plane making an angle 0 with the velocity, is oAq cos 0, the product of the density p, the area A, and q cos 0 the component velocity normal to the plane.