Sentence Examples with the word Mythologie

Grimm, Deutsche Mythologie (1st ed.

Miller, Mythologie der deutschen Heldensage (Heilbronn, 1886) and supplement, Zur Mythologic der griechischen and deutschen Heldensage (ib., 1889); O.

Creuzer's first and most famous work was his Symbolik and Mythologie der alten V dlker, besonders der Griechen (1810-1812), in which he maintained that the mythology of Homer and Hesiod came from an Eastern source through the Pelasgians, and was the remains of the symbolism of an ancient revelation.

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Schmidt in Roscher's Lexikon der Mythologie (where the different forms of the name and its etymology are fully discussed); O.

Biller, Mythologie der griechischen Stamme, ii.

Mayer, DieGiganten and Titanen (1887); Preller-Robert, Griechische Mythologie (5894), pp. 63-66; O.

In the 18th century the abbe Banier, in his Mythologie et la fable pliquees par l'histoire, was frankly Euhemeristic; other leading Euhemerists were Clavier, Sainte-Croix, Raoul Rochette, Em.

Roscher's Lexikon der Mythologie contains a list of modern authorities on the subject of Cadmus; see also 0.

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