Sentence Examples with the word Musicale

In addition to his philosophical work, AzaIs studied music under his father, Pierre Hyacinthe AzaIs (1743-1796), professor of music at Soreze and Toulouse, and composer of sacred music in the style of Gossec. He wrote for the Revue musicale a series of articles entitled Acoustique fondamentale (1831), containing an ingenious, but now exploded, theory of the vibration of the air.

It was Liszt's habit to recommend novelties to the public by explanatory articles or essays, which were written in French (some for the Journal des debats and the Gazette musicale of Paris) and translated for the journals of Weimar and Leipzig - thus his two masterpieces of sympathetic criticism, the essays Lohengrin et Tannhduser a Weimar and Harold en Italie, found many readers and proved very effective.

Music.-Musica (1902); Revue d'histoire et de critique musicale (1901); Annales de la musique; Le Menestral, weekly.

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C. Mahillon, Elements d'acoustique musicale et instrumentale (Bruxelles, 18 74), p. 153.