Sentence Examples with the word Murmured

He murmured an agreement.

There followed a murmured apology to the child for her language.

Let things go as they will; I have nothing to care for in the world now, he murmured on his death-bed, and turned his face to the wall to breathe his last.

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But he just murmured an agreement as they returned to their room.

Betty had murmured something about jogging, kissed him on the nose, wiggled on her meager duds and left the tent, with the flap open just enough to admit the predawn chill and a red glow that would soon be sunrise.

Indeed he was accepted by the English people as the benefactor who had delivered them from anarchy; and if they murmured at his love of hoarding, and cursed his inquisitors Empson and Dudley, they had no wish to change the Tudor rule, and were far from regarding the times of the Lancastrian experiment as a lost golden age.

There was murmured sound downstairs and Betsy asked from outside the door if there was a problem.

She murmured her assent and that ended the conversation.

Thank God! murmured Sonya.

Pierre murmured something unintelligible, and continued to look round as if in search of something.