Sentence Examples with the word Mur

Sigeric - - - 415 His murderer, promptly mur dered in turn.

After capturing Angora from a horde of Turkomans encamped there who were attacking his dominions, at first with some success, Mur ad 1, in 1361 Murad prepared for a campaign in Europe.

On the left bank of the Mur is the pilgrimage church of Maria Trost, built in 1714; on the right bank is the castle of Eggenberg, built in the 17th century.

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Other important places are Leoben (10,204), Bruck on the Mur (7527), Mariazell (1263), Mi rzzuschlag (4856), Eisenerz (6494), Vordernberg (3111), Judenburg (4901), Trifail (10,851), Eggenberg (9570), Donawitz (13,093), KOflach (3345) and Voitsberg (3321).

Styria belongs to the watershed of the Danube and its principal rivers are: the Enns with its affluent the Salza, the Raab with the Feistritz, the Mur with the Miirz, the Drau or Drave, and the Sau or Save, which receives the Sann and the Sotla.

C;esalic - 507511 Bastard son of Alaric, was mur dered.

The Enns and the Mur also rise in this province.

The Cevennes, the Jura, the hills of central Germany, the Carpathians, the Apennines), which ar really independent ranges rather than offshoots of the main chain, the best limits are on the west (strictly speaking south), the Col d'Altare or di Cadibona (1624 ft.), leading from Turin to Savona and Genoa, and on the east the line of the railway over the Semmering Pass (3215 ft.) from Vienna to Marburg in the Mur valley, and on by Laibach to Trieste.

His membership of that body was alone sufficient to make him an object of suspicion; his administration at the regie des poudres was attacked; and Marat accused him in the Ami du Peuple of putting Paris in prison and of stopping the circulation of air in the city by the mur d'octroi erected at his suggestion in 1787.