Sentence Examples with the word Mules

In 1908 the Egyptian army, with a total establishment of 18,000, consisted of three squadrons of cavalry (one composed of Sudanese) each numbering 116 men; four batteries of field artillery and a Maxim battery, horses and mules being used, with a total strength of 1257 of all ranks; the camel corps, 626 of all ranks (fellahin and Sudanese); and nine fellahin and si-x Sudanese infantry battalions, 10,631 of all ranks.

She was tending the mules when she saw a rider on top of a sand dune.

Or, we could throw our saddles on the mules and use the rest for pack animals.

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His company consisted of thirteen sepoys, ten Johanna men, nine African boys from Nasik school, Bombay, and four boys from the Shire region, besides camels, buffaloes, mules and donkeys.

Get those mules inside the circle of wagons and be ready for trouble.

Let's give the mules a rest while I look over our back trail.

She fed and hobbled the mules and then started a fire to cook supper.

The neighbouring country is devoted principally to raising horses, mules and cattle; and in addition to hides and leather, it exports rubber and other forest products.

An urban council cFQ ' may also license proprietors, drivers and conductors of horses, ponies, mules or asses standing for hiring in the district in the same way as in the case of hackney carriages, and they may also license pleasure boats and vessels, and the boatmen or persons in charge thereof, and they may make by-laws for all these purposes.

Two mules had to be shot.