Sentence Examples with the word Mulching

Plant out tender deciduous trees and shrubs raised in pots; plant out tea-roses, mulching the roots.

The hay or leaf mulching on the strawberry beds should be removed and the ground deeply hoed (if not removed in April in the more forward places), after which it may be placed on again to keep the fruit clean and the ground from drying.

The earth must be kept moist, which is perhaps best done by a thick mulching of moss, the moss being also bound closely over the openings in the vessel, and all being kept damp by frequent syringings.

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Harrows and cultivators are used where there are few weeds, and the mulching process is the one desired.

The space between the parts of such substances is too large to admit of capillary action; hence the water conveyed to the surface of the soil is prevented from passing upwards any further except by slow evaporation through the mulching layer.

The ground must be well prepared, so as to give the trees a good start, and a mulching of manure during the early years of their growth would be of much advantage.

For prevention, the surface soil covering bulbs should be removed every autumn and replaced by soil mixed with kainit; manure for mulching should also be mixed with kainit, which acts as a steriliser.

In small areas the mulching system is sometimes preferable.

In some sections a system of dry-farming, by which the scanty rainfall is protected from evaporation by deep ploughing and mulching the soil, has proved profitable.

Should be shortened, and some care in watering and mulching should be bestowed on the plant if it is of value.