Sentence Examples with the word Mowbray

But three earls of his own house - Carlisle, Suffolk and Berkshire - and the Lord Howard of Escrick, an ex-trooper of Cromwell's guard and an anabaptist sectary, gave their votes against him, his nephew Mowbray being the only peer of his name in the minority for acquittal.

This year saw the last of the convulsions that threatened to overturn him,a rising in the North headed by the old earl of Northumberland, by Richard Rising of Scrope, archbishop of York, and by Thomas Mowbray the North.

The Mowbray match had already brought to the Howards the representation of an elder line of the Fitzalan earls, who sat in the seats of their ancestors, the Aubignys and Warennes, great earls near akin to their sovereigns.

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De Wolfe Howe, American Bookmen (New York, 1898); and the introduction by Mowbray Morris to Macmillan's uniform edition of Cooper's novels (London, 1900).

It might have proved even more dangerous than the rebellion of 1403, if Henrys unscrupulous general Ralph, earl of Westmorland, had not lured Scrope and Mowbray to a conference, and then arrested them under circumstances of the vilest treachery.

Thus it befell that, of the chiefs of the Howards born since the great Mowbray alliance, two had died by the axe and one in the prison from which a fourth had hardly escaped.

It was put down with the same decisive energy that William had shown in 1088, and this time he was merciless; he blinded and mutilated William of Ets, shut up Mowbray of Northumberland for life in a monastery, and hanged many men of lesser rank.

A lion's share of the Mowbray estates, swollen by the great alliances of the house, heir of Breouse and Segrave, and, through Segrave, of Thomas of Brotherton, son of Edward I., fell to Howard, who, by a patent of June 28, 1483, was created duke of Norfolk and earl marshal of England with a remainder to the heirs male of his body.