Sentence Examples with the word Mourned

He died on the 26th of September 1626, mourned alike by leaders in church and state.

After Cyzicus had been duly mourned and buried, the Argonauts proceeded along the coast of Mysia, where occurred the incident of Heracles and Hylas.

Changed by Artemis out of compassion into guinea fowls and removed to the island of Leros, where they mourned part of the year for their brother.

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During this time Rome was horrorstruck by the mysterious murder of the young duke of Gandia, and the bereaved pope mourned his son with the wildest grief.

She mourned the loss of all she'd ever learned or known.

But none of these stories rests on trustworthy evidence; on the other hand, there can be no doubt that Aurelius trusted her while she lived, and mourned her loss.

Gabriel mourned the loss of the community he'd belonged to for so long.

And when Caesar died Suetonius notes that he was mourned by foreign nations, especially by the Jews (Caes.

Scarcely any emperor has left behind him so good a reputation; his death was mourned alike by senate and people, and even the soldiers repented and raised a monument in his honour.

The annual vicissitudes of the life of Sabazius, the Greek Dionysus, were accompanied by the mimic rites of his worshippers, who mourned with his sufferings and rejoiced with his joy.