Sentence Examples with the word Motioning

He held the reins and opened the door, motioning her in.

He released her and tossed his coat to a waiting maid before motioning Sofia to follow.

He nodded, motioning for her to follow him.

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Randy hadn't checked but jogged up the stairs two at a time motioning for Dean to follow to his mother's bedroom.

Rhyn lifted his chin in farewell before motioning for Andre to follow him through a portal.

He knocked on the door briskly and opened the door, motioning Brady in.

Planey looked from Brady to the soldier before motioning them down another hallway and quickening his step.

At the door, he opened it and stepped back, motioning for her to enter first.

He held out a hand, motioning toward the door.

Gabriel didn't react, instead motioning to Andre to do something about Rhyn, who was ready to explode.