Sentence Examples with the word Morin

Zahn and Dom Morin and also of Profs.

A certain Morin de Villefranche was placed behind a curtain to cast the nativity of the future autocrat.

In default of payment of arrears of rent Cosby's Manor was sold at sheriff's sale in 1792 and was bid in by General Philip Schuyler, General John Bradstreet, John Morin Scott and others for X1387, or about 15 cents an acre.

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Bourg, called Saint Edme; Morin de Gueriviere, Quelques souvenirs..

The Yeres, a tributary of the Seine, and the Grand Morin and Petit Morin, tributaries of the Marne, are the chief rivers, but the region is not abundantly watered and the rainfall is only between 20 and 24 in.

The literary correspondence of Morin appeared in 1682 under the title of Antiquitates ecclesiae orientalis (edited by R.

JEAN MORIN (latinized Joannes Morinus) (1591-1659), French theologian, was born in 1591 at Blois, of Protestant parents.

De sacris ecclesiae ordinationibus secundum antiquos et recentiores latinos, graecos, syros et babylonios (1655), which expresses those irenical views on the subject of ordination which recommended Morin to Urban VIII.

The latter combination had also been ineffectually proposed in 163 4 by Jean Baptiste Morin (1583-1656); and both devices were recontrived at Paris about 1667, the micrometer by Adrien Auzout (d.

A Morin disk and roller integrator is connected with the apparatus, so that the work done during a journey may be read off.