Sentence Examples with the word Morava

And the Morava Brigade, was to pursue the Turkish army and complete its ruin, in cooperation with the Greeks.

This, carried out on the 6th by a part of Drina I., soon developed into an unintended battle, in which Morava I.

CHUPRIYA (sometimes written Tiupriia; Croatian Cuprya), the capital of the Morava department of Servia, on the railway from Belgrade to Nish, and on the right bank of the Morava, which is navigable up to this point by small sailing-vessels.

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The Old Slavonic words lyepo, byelo, are pronounced by the Servians of Herzegovina, Bosnia, Montenegro, Dalmatia, Croatia and south-western Servia as leeyepo, beeyelo; by the Servians of Syrmia the same vowel is pronounced sometimes as e (lepo, belo), sometimes as ee (videeti, leteeti); by the Servians of the Morava valley and its accessory Ressava valley, always only as e (lepo, belo, videti, leteti).

On the left, to attack and outflank the Turkish left wing on the mountains by means of Morava II.

Army, now consisting of Morava I., Drina I., Danube I., Timok II., Morava II.

Yankovich Shumaja I., Morava II., (67,000 ration Drina II., Morava Bri strength) gade, Army troops.

Army was cantoned in the Morava valley, about Vranya, with outposts on the frontier.

Turkish Corps under the energetic Djavid.5 The battle of Monastir, which was finally launched on the whole front on the 18th, will long be studied for its tactical incidents, but as an ensemble it is sufficiently described by saying that the resistance of the half division of Morava II.

This plain is continued on the opposite bank of the Danube by the valley of the Morava (Marchfeld), which constitutes the easiest access to the north.