Sentence Examples with the word Mor

Ille-et-Vilaine, Ctes-du-Nord, Finistre,Loire Infrieure, Maine-et-Loire, Mayenne, Mor bihan.

The first chieftain of mark in the family was Goffraidh (Godfrey), son of Donnell Mor O'Donnell (d.

In this connexion it may be noted that practically all the Milesian pedigrees converge on three ancestors in the 2nd century - Conn Cetchathach king of Tara, Cathair Mor of Leinster, and Ailill Aulom of Munster, - whilst in scarcely any of them are mythological personages absent when we go farther back than A.D.

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Chelard, La Hongrie millenaire (Paris, 1896); Mor Gelleri, Aus der Vergangenheit and Gegenwart des tausendjahrigen Ungarn (Budapest, 1896); Jozsef Jekelfalussy, The Millennium of Hungary (Budapest, 1897) E.

Prince Windischgratz, who had received orders to reduce Hungary by fire and sword, began his advance on the 15th of December; opened up the way to the capital by the victory of Mor (Oct.

Contemporary with him was Neill Mor O'Neill (see below), lord of Clanaboy, from whose son Brian was descended the branch of the O'Neills who, settling in Portugal in the 18th century, became prominent among the Portuguese nobility, and who at the present day are the representatives in the male line of the ancient Irish kings of the house of O'Neill.

The Ajai, Bakheswar and Mor or Maurakshi, are the principal rivers of the district, but they are merely hill streams and only navigable in the rains.

The Clanaboy (or Clandeboye) branch of the O'Neills descended from the ancient kings through Neill Mor O'Neill, lord of Clanaboy in the time of Henry VIII., ancestor (as mentioned above) of the Portuguese O'Neills.

Gyro- phora), and even After Schwendener, from De Bary's Vergleichende Mor s t i p i t a t e (e.g.

Through an elder line from Neill Mor was descended Brian Mac Phelim O'Neill, who was treacherously seized in 1573 by the earl of Essex, whom he was hospitably entertaining, and executed together with his wife and brother, some two hundred of his clan being at the same time massacred by the orders of Essex.