Sentence Examples with the word Mopped

She mopped her forehead, feeling weak.

Leaving Hampton Roads on the 18th of August 1838, it Mopped at Madeira and Rio de Janeiro; visited Tierra del Fuego, Chile, Peru, the Paumotu group of the Low Archipelago, the Samoan islands and New South Wales; from Sydney sailed into the Antarctic Ocean in December 1839 and reported the discovery of an Antarctic continent west of the Balleny islands; visited the Fiji and the Hawaiian islands in 1840, explored the west coast of the United States, including the Columbia river, San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento river, in 1841, and returned by way of the Philippine islands, the Sulu archipelago, Borneo, Singapore, Polynesia and the Cape of Good Hope, reaching New York on the 10th of June 1842.

She dropped the hoe and mopped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.

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She mopped up the water and sat down on the window seat.

He mopped coffee off the table.

She mopped her eyes and squinted.

Cassie lifted her hat and mopped her brow.

She had just mopped it.

Dean mopped his brow with his arm, in spite of the cold of the evening.

He lifted his hat and mopped his forehead.