Sentence Examples with the word Mooted

The first proposal for a free Rhine was mooted by the French at the congress of Rastatt (1797-1799), but Holland, commanding the mouth of the river, placed every obstacle in the way of the suggestion.

At the beginning of August 1881 the Austrian press mooted the idea of a visit from King Humbert to the emperor Francis Joseph.

The abolition of Th feudal tenures and purveyance had long been decommons manded, and the conclusion of an arrangement which aim at had been mooted in the reign of James 1.

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Similar proposals had been made and declined several times since the question was first mooted in 1886.

At various times and by various persons, but more particularly by Peter the Great, the project has been mooted of cutting a canal between the Volga and the Don, and so establishing unrestricted water communication between the Caspian and the Black Sea; but so far none of these schemes has taken practical shape.

Soon after that prince had firmly established his power as nominal guardian and protector of his nephew Gian Galeazzo but really as usurping ruler of the state, he revived a project previously mooted for the erection of an equestrian monument in honour of the founder of his house's greatness, Francesco Sforza, and consulted Lorenzo dei Medici on the choice of an artist.

The project of establishing a royal residence in Ireland was often mooted at this time, but the queen's advisers never urged it with sufficient warmth.

In the middle ages the question was often mooted whether states subject to feudal superiors, or the states forming the empire, were sovereign.

A college had been mooted in 1816, but the intended tutor died suddenly, and the matter was for the time dropped.

Question was now mooted in the cabinet of dropping the Associations Law; but on the 21st of January Seor Caifalejas, president of the lower house, who was credited with having inspired the bill, publicly declared that in that event he would cease to support the government.