Sentence Examples with the word Montpellier

He died at his chateau near Montpellier (Herault) on the 28th of November 1879.

Dr Bones of Montpellier constructed a hydrometer which was based upon the results of his experiments on mixtures of alcohol and water.

Next year Jourdain again incurred the displeasure of the church by siding with the rebels of Montpellier against their lord.

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His high birth, his legal learning - he was for a long time professor of canon law at Montpellier - and the irreproachable purity of his life, recommended him to Pope Gregory XI., who created him cardinal in 1375.

He died of cancer in the stomach at Montpellier in 1785.

Nevertheless in 1792 the new department of Herault, in which Montpellier is situated, sent him as one of its deputies to the Convention which assembled and proclaimed the Republic in September 1792.

His nephew Jacob ben Makhir, of Montpellier (d.

He died at Montpellier on the 16th of February 1710.

PIERRE ANTOINE NOEL BRUNO DARU, Count (1767-1829), French soldier and statesman, was born at Montpellier on the r 2th of January 1767.

At Rome, Montpellier and Paris), dedicated to his friend and correspondent Constantine of Fleury.