Sentence Examples with the word Montmorency

In 1615 he attached himself to the ill-fated Henry, duke of Montmorency (1595-1632), under whose protection he produced with success the tragedy of Pyrame et Thisbe, acted probably about 1617 and printed in 1623, although placed later by some critics.

These ambitious and violent men took the government out of the hands of the constable de Montmorency and the princes of the blood: Antoine de Bourbon, king of Navarre, weak, credulous, always playing a double game on account of his preoccupation with Navarre; Cond, light-hearted and brave, but not fitted to direct a party; and the cardinal de Bourbon, a mere nonentity.

The royal family itself was not free from his attacks; after the Day of Dupes (1630) he allowed the queen-mother to die in exile, and publicly dishonoured the kings brother Gaston of Orleans by the publication of his confessions; Marshal de Marillac was put to the torture for his ingratitude, and the constable de Montmorency for rebellion (1632).

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Shortly afterwards, returning to Paris, he accepted a cottage near Montmorency (the celebrated Hermitage) which Madame d'Epinay had fitted up for him, and established himself there in April 1756.

There were the friends of the Montmorency partyDamville at their head; Colignys relations; the king of Navarre; Cond; and a prince of the blood, Catherine de Medicis third son, the duke of Alencon, tired of being kept in the background.

DIANE DE FRANCE (1538-1619), duchess of Montmorency and Angouleme, was the natural daughter of Henry II.

Diane, Montmorency and the Guises were all-powerful, and dismissed Cardinal de Tournon, de Longueval, the duchesse d'Etampes and all the late king's friends and officials.

Of France and a young Piedmontese, Filippe Duc. The constable de Montmorency went so far as to assert that of all the children of Henry II.

A wise and moderate woman, Diane undoubtedly helped to make Francis de Montmorency one of the leaders of the party of the politiques.

In order to assure his position, the constable de Montmorency wished to marry her to his eldest son, Francis.